For parents with school-going children and youths

How to help your child to ace in school, be successful in the real world and communicate confidently in an hour

Without Additional Homework, Without Boring Drills, Without Anxiety

Leverage your child's talents with our 5-step Helen O'Grady framework.

What is one gift your child needs for life?


How does this gift of thinking-on-your-feet help my child ace in school? To be able to write well, ,my child must learn to organise thoughts and feelings, and express them clearly both verbally and in written form. Throughout the centuries, people have used drama as the vehicle to develop clear thinking and communications! Drama is the closest subject to humanities. When children learn how to act and react from a young age, it is a strong kickstart in their lives. They grow up thinking logically, expressing themselves clearly and become successful in the real world.

We offer you this one lesson at $45 valued at $95 as the first step for your child to explore building and developing lifelong skills. Classes are held weekly at two locations:

Saturday - Block B #03-18, Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road

3-4 year olds 9.30am, 5 to 8 year olds 11am & 2pm, 9 to 12 year olds 3.30pm and above 13 at 5pm.

Sunday at Block B, #03-01, Mountbatten Centre, 231 Mountbatten Road for:

Parent-Child 2-3 year olds 10am, 7 to10 year old - 3:15pm, above 12 - 2pm

Friday at Mountbatten Centre for above 12 year olds - 5 pm.

The worldwide Helen O'Grady 5-step framework nurtures your child to grow up with effective listening skills and confidence to think-on-their-feet. Some of our current classes are already full. Each class is limited to only 10 students.

Here's What Parents Say About Our Classes


Confident Children having fun.

Children and youths have fun in the classroom. They learn to be independent. They develop confidence, listen effectively and think-on-their-feet to communicate effectively.


The Drama Buddy accompanies every child on their dramatic journey. There is No homework and no stress.

This is a visual tool to trigger ideas for communication and bonding with parents and friends. It continues to develop the child's imagination long after the class is over.


Each week, students perform a drama story. Characters in stories come alive. Dialogues between the characters are rich with expressions. All these enriches a child authentically. An experience the child writes or speaks about it effectively.

Our drama stories are never repeated.

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